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During sunset at Conrad Bora Bora Nui


We are so thankful you are here and so excited to connect with you, share experiences, and dream about new adventures together! Before we dive too deep we wanted to pass along our friendship application and meet

We’re a couple of 30-something newlyweds based in Colorado with our cuter-than-life dog named Disco! We’re on a journey to finally turn our travel day dreams into a full-time reality.

We live in Colorado coming up on 6 years for Chelsea and 10 years for Zach. Chelsea is originally from Michigan and Zach is from Florida so we’re a far cry from home! As hard as it is to be away from family, we love living here for a million reasons.

how we met

We met in Northern Michigan through an intense squirt gun fight, lots of laughs, and common friendships. We were on Higgins Lake for the Fourth of July! Our modern day Cupid story with squirt guns exploded on the lake that day along with many expensive flights to follow. After enduring our long-distance love affair for nearly 7 months we decided to bring the party to Colorado full time – and let us tell you it’s been a disco! Speaking of disco, we do have a 2 year old Hungarian Vizsla named Disco, who is like an actual son to us – we may have a slight obsession. We do (almost) everything we can with him!

adventure is calling

For years, we have spent our time discovering and experiencing some of the most luxurious towns and off-the-beaten-track places that Colorado has to offer. We’d like to think we’re a good mix of an expensive glass of red wine and a can of Coors Light.

Experiencing new places together has always brought us joy and happiness so it’s a priority in our lives! We’ve frequented the magical music venues like Red Rocks and Mishiwaka Amphitheater, along with countless unforgettable camping locations spread throughout the Rocky Mountains. You can often find us having a staycation in some of our favorite towns, such as Steamboat Springs, Telluride and Vail, which is where we were married this past October.

In the warmer months, a great day for us is an early hike or brunch at a new boutique restaurant in town, followed by drinking an ice cold beer floating down a local river! Colder months, we freeze our butts off snowboarding and fight our cravings to jump on the next flight out to somewhere tropical with coconuts filled with cocktails instead! Recently, we have been looking more outside of Colorado to travel – the neighboring states and the few we have left to visit across the US., as well as internationally.

After spending years climbing the corporate ladder, building diverse backgrounds and well-rounded resumes, we seemingly found ourselves on the wrong ladder. Squeezing vacations in when we could and counting down the days until our next trip when we returned. The wanderlust inside of us could not (nor should not) be tamed!

Engagement Picture
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We’re travel lovers with a strong “no thank you” approach to settling and defenders of day dreams refusing to let you quit yours! 

Throughout our journey, we want to share our version of fulfillment and happiness through purpose driven lenses filled with unique discoveries. Not just reach for our dreams but also help inspire others to visualize their dreams in the same attainable way. It’s never too late to rediscover your version of fulfillment and happiness – or to take that trip!

Honeymoon in Bora Bora

unique discoveries

Traveling and discovering new places can be extremely rewarding; sparking clarity, love and inspiration back into your life. Whether you travel solo, with your partner or with your whole family, it can also be very intimidating.

We found over the years we were spending too many hours looking at outdated blogs and cross-referencing them to newer websites, piecing together info we found in one blog to another, trying to find security in our next vacation and the plans that go with it. 

We knew there had to be a better way to plan a trip, while documenting our travels and sharing them to help others, providing the confidence needed to take your next trip!

At Uniquely Discovered we create in-depth blogs, vlogs, and curated discovery guides anywhere we visit to capture the need-to-knows of each location without hours of endless searching on your end.

Our favorite classroom is the world and we take our passion for sharing it a step further by documenting it all with authenticity, humor, and passion – bringing it straight to you at home or on the road. We hope we can help you plan less so you can enjoy your travels more!

Our sights are set on traveling in general but our love stems from the experience that comes from the journey itself. The journey there and the planning that goes with it is very special to us. Sure, we may need to know where the best coffee shops are or the most delicious spots to eat, but those are the side courses to the main dish.

Each destination offers its own unique ambience waiting to be discovered along with culture, explosions of color, and years of unknown history. We set out to find these unique discoveries and always have a strong desire to connect with people and the environment. What we learn, see, and who we meet along the way is all a part of the journey and what keeps us coming back for more. 

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